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    Breaking into copywriting isn’t easy.

    Getting in, and getting on, can be tough.

    Days battling the blank page, weeks building a portfolio, and months of book crits at creative agencies, trying to get a placement, and hopefully convert that into a job.

    It’s an exciting quest, but it can also be draining and dispiriting. It’s easy to feel like you’re flailing and failing. I remember it well!

    The slow slog

    Hi, I’m Oliver Meech, and when I was starting out as a copywriter, 15 years ago, I had to learn the hard way (cue the violins).

    Me (zip not included in real life)

    On placement, I was thrown in at the deep end, suddenly having to write headlines and scripts, to tight deadlines.

    I could come up with ideas, but when it came to writing, I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth.

    I knew my copy could be better, but I didn’t know exactly how to improve it.

    Getting good

    Gradually, with a little help from others, and a lot of trial and error, I learnt the tricks of the trade.

    Over the next decade, I honed my craft. I worked on some of the world’s biggest brands (from Amazon to Adidas and Nando’s to the NHS) in some of the UK’s top agencies (including the Saatchi, Publicis and Ogilvy groups).

    Along the way, I won some awards and gave a standing-room only talk at Eurobest international advertising festival.

    Donning a lab coat to stand out at Eurobest

    Discovering an easier way

    When I started mentoring other copywriters, five years ago, I made an eye-opening discovery.

    Over the years, almost without realising it, I’d developed a personal toolkit of versatile techniques. Ones that made tackling any brief a lot less scary and a lot more fun, turning the slow slog into rapid progress.

    They worked for me, and when I taught them, they worked for others too. The techniques also helped overcome one of the biggest challenges of getting your first (or next) copywriting job.

    Beating the odds

    There are often dozens, or even hundreds, of applications for each job vacancy. So, how do you up your odds? How do you help your application end up in the ‘Yes’ pile?

    You could try many things, but one way is more effective than any other:

    Make your work stand out from the rest.

    And how do you do that? I’ll show you.

    Introducing Rapid Progress Copywriting

    This online course is essentially 15 years’ experience distilled into 6 weeks. On it, you’ll learn how to stand out by writing copy that’s crackling with creativity and crafted with care.

    There’s no vague ‘be the best’ theory or samey ‘swipe files’. Instead, you’ll learn a bunch of versatile principles and building blocks that you can adapt to practically any brief.

    And since the best way to get better at writing copy is, well, writing copy, you’ll be given five briefs to sink your teeth into.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could show you how to make tackling briefs less taxing, give you tools to make it easier, briefs to practice on, and friendly feedback (no macho nonsense), all in a group of like-minded people? It would? Then you’re in the right place.

    How it works

    The course runs on Fridays, 6:30-7:30pm (UK time), starting 1st October 2021.

    The backbone of the course is 6 group mentoring calls, over Zoom.

    Each week, we’ll come together to learn some real-world principles and techniques. Then, to put them into practice, you’ll get a challenge brief to work on and submit.

    The following week, I’ll go through a few people’s work, giving constructive feedback that everyone can learn from, and answer any questions that have been submitted. Then we’ll move onto the next lesson, you’ll get another brief, and so on.

    In week 6, we’ll round things off with tips and tricks for getting unstuck and polishing your work, and celebrate some of the fab work produced over the course.

    And we’ll have fun doing it. (Did I mention I’m also a magician in my spare time?)


    Here’s what you’ll learn each week:

    Module 1

    Building block 1 – Standout headlines.
    How to hook readers with compelling, creative headlines.
    Learn rhetorical devices that make writing easier, without resorting to tired formulas.

    Module 2

    Building block 2 – Standout paragraphs.
    How to craft convincing, flowing paragraphs that are a pleasure to read.
    Learn timeless structures that help every sentence segue seamlessly into the next.

    Module 3

    Building block 3 – Standout benefits.
    How to create badass benefits that make selling points sing.
    Learn a simple way to turn features into benefits, and to make benefits more memorable.

    Module 4

    Building block 4 – Standout tone of voice.
    How to distinguish brands with clear, characterful tones of voice.
    Learn helpful tips for writing in different tones (even if it’s not your natural style) and defining new tones.

    Module 5

    Adapting building blocks to different media.
    How to use the same few building blocks across websites, posters, social media, and more.
    Learn from concrete examples of how to adapt and apply copy.

    Module 6

    Fixing and polishing.
    How to get unstuck and turn fine into fab.
    Learn to produce consistently good copy, even on tricky real-world briefs.

    Plus 3 bonuses

    1. Tips for standing out from other applications.

    2. Tips for building a job-worthy portfolio.

    3. Tips for staying upbeat while job hunting (and beyond).

    Techniques +
    Tools +
    Briefs +
    Feedback +
    Accountability +
    = Rapid Progress

    Key dates

    Applications open:
    Monday 13th September 2021.

    Applications close:
    Thursday 30th September 2021, 10pm (UK time).

    Friday zoom sessions (6:30-7:30pm, UK time):
    1st October 2021,
    8th October,
    15th October,
    Half term – no session,
    29th October,
    5th November,
    12th November.

    Pick your level

    GOOD: £245 (10 available)

    • 6 weekly 1-hour group Zoom calls, with lessons and group Q&A.
    • 5 challenge briefs.
    • Verbal feedback on the call for one of the briefs (maybe more, if time).

    BETTER: £395 (4 available)

    Everything in Good, plus:

    • Guaranteed annotated feedback on all 5 briefs.

    BEST: £595 (2 available)

    Everything in Better, plus:

    • 2 x 30-minute one-to-one coaching calls (or 1 x 60 minute, if preferred)
      Ask about detailed portfolio feedback, getting unstuck, general advice, or whatever you need.

    As this is a new course, I’m limiting the first intake to just 16 people. Future versions of the course may be less interactive, and cost more, so if you’re interested then jump on it now.

    I can’t wait to work with you and see what you create!

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    30-day no-quibble guarantee

    For your peace of mind (and because I love the word ‘quibble’), if you’re not completely satisfied, just email me within 30 days of the start of the course for a full refund, no questions asked.


    Colleagues have complimented me on copy that I wrote using your techniques. Thank you!”

    Former Mentee

    Olly’s passion, creativity and love for the written word is infectious. (In a good way.) With his guidance, I learned how to adapt my writing to different tones. That tiny details make a huge difference. And a simple trick to choosing the right ‘type’ of words for any given scenario. Genius.”

    Former Mentee

    An all-rounder and all-round very nice chap”

    Justin Tindall, Former Group Creative Head, M&C Saatchi & Leo Burnetts


    Question not covered below? Just drop me a line at

    Is it suitable for beginners?

    Yes, in that it doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of copywriting. But we will be moving fast, so if you struggle to string a sentence together then it’d be worth starting with one of the more basic copywriting courses.

    Is it suitable for freelancers or small business owners?

    Yes. While this course is primarily aimed at people wanting to get into a creative agency, the actual copywriting advice can be used by anyone looking to write standout copy.

    How long do the briefs take to complete?

    Everyone works at their own pace, but as a rough guide, each weekly brief is designed to be doable in 1 to 2 hours.

    Will it teach me how to write for SEO/Facebook ads/other specific media?

    This course is not intended to be a ‘deep dive’ into SEO or writing for any one specific type of media, as enough of those exist already. Instead, it gives you versatile principles and techniques for creating engaging copy that you can adapt to whatever medium you are working in.


    Help, not hype: I can’t promise that you’ll become a copy genius overnight, or instantly get your dream job, as success depends on many factors outside of my control. And like most worthwhile things in life, you get out what you put in. What I can give you is the most useful advice and techniques that have helped me progress my copywriting career, and helped others progress theirs.